I Workshop for Suppliers

The meeting was one of the actions to reinforce partnerships with its suppliers and the commitment assumed by the Company

M. Dias Branco is included, for the third consecutive time, in the B3 Corporate Sustainability Index

M. Dias Branco acquires the Uruguayan company Las Acacias and starts its international expansion

M. Dias Branco announces the acquisition of Jasmine and expands its share in healthy food

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Our brands are national prides

Our brands are
national prides

Commitment to Sustainability

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M. Dias Branco receives 30% Club Brasil award for the strong presence of women on the Board

Top of Mind – M. Dias Branco is the Company most remembered by people from Ceará

Las Acacias: triple dose celebration

M. Dias Branco is among the 20 companies that most value diversity

M. Dias Branco is among the Top 10 companies that most established connections with startups in 2023

M. Dias Branco wins A List Rating in CDP Climate 2023 (Disclosure Insight Action)

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