Believing in People​

A dream

From a business dream to a dream business

We are aware that our dream comes true every day because it also fulfills many others Accordingly, we are committed to promoting social development and the well-being of people on several fronts.

Check out our goals by 2030:

Entrepreneurship and Professionalization

10.0 people

Reach 150,000 people impacted by the program for fostering entrepreneurship and professionalization

Employee Satisfaction


Reach the 80% employee satisfaction milestone measured in an external survey

Women in Leadership


Reach 40% women in leadership

Work-Accident Frequency Rate


Reduce accident frequency rate with company employees to 0.5

Severity of Work Accidents


Reduce accident severity rate with company employees to 8%

Market Share


Leading market share in 4 categories with health and nutrition appeal

Nutrition Education


10 million people impacted by the food education program for the overall population

Social Responsibility Initiatives

Inspired by the example of our founders, we believe that companies have an important role to play in building an ever-better society. Therefore, we have developed initiatives that have positively impacted the population, especially the communities close to our units. We have a team of employees dedicated to developing, supporting and monitoring issues related to social responsibility, which involves four major projects underpinned by our belief in people's ability to dream, do and grow.

"The strongest legacy is the example of commitment you have towards the community."

Francisco Ivens de Sá Dias Branco

Feeding dreams

We are committed to reaching 150,000 people with actions that encourage entrepreneurship and professionalization in the food sector.

To achieve this goal, we created Alimentando Sonhos (Feeding Dreams), a program offering several courses for the preparation of bread, snacks, cakes, sweets, pasta, pizza, among others. Through these trainings, we seek to promote the economic and social development of communities, qualifying professionals for the gastronomy market or for entrepreneurship, strengthening employability, reducing inequality and contributing to overcoming poverty.

The courses generally are held in the surrounding communities and in the supported institutions, lasting 20 hours. The vast majority of participants are women. We also develop specific classes for minorities.

Volunteer Factory

Our volunteer program aims to inspire and transform lives through citizenship and collective spirit. Thus, our employees are encouraged to interact with the institutions, getting involved in the actions developed by M. Dias Branco and contributing with their talents.

Among the actions of the Volunteer Factory, we highlight the holding of events together with surrounding communities, such as cleaning beaches and mangroves, planting seedlings, delivering product donations, among other actions.

Our employees also have the opportunity to dedicate part of their working hours to volunteer work at partner institutions, performing various activities, whether or not linked to their profession.

Volunteers in action

In partnership with a company specialized in the third sector, we conducted a management diagnosis at the supported institutions to identify the main opportunities for improvement in their processes and structures.

Then, we promoted several meetings between our collaborators and the employees of the institutions. In these meetings, our professionals transfer their knowledge, according to their areas of expertise, improving the institutions' management practices and their level of professionalization.

Ao todo, no ano de 2022, foram realizadas 957 horas de trabalho voluntário, com participação de 153 colaboradores.

Nurturing tomorrow

Our food donation program has been an important ally in the fight against hunger. Throughout Brazil, partner institutions regularly receive various products from M. Dias Branco brands, distributing them to the needy population.

Such donated food is also served as snacks and meals for the people who benefit from the social projects, as an incentive to participate in the initiatives. The frequency of our donations ensures the maintenance of the projects developed.

We directly support more than 110 institutions. Among them, we highlight the partnership with Food Banks that leverage the distribution of donations to thousands of institutions throughout Brazil, including in situations of public calamity.

In 2022, 2,321 tons of food were donated in all regions of Brazil.

M. Dias Branco "Donometer"

Tons of food

dedicated to social initiatives

*(From January to August 2023)

Support for charitable institutions

Throughout Brazil, we support more than 110 institutions that develop relevant social projects aimed at education, professionalization, entrepreneurship, income generation, culture, sport, health and the environment, reaching the most diverse audiences and contributing to the local development of the regions in which they operate.

Under this partnership, we develop training actions, volunteer work with the participation of our employees, invest in projects via tax incentive laws, make regular donations of food, assets or financially support their initiatives.

We believe that partnerships with third sector institutions are important in combating poverty and transforming the Brazilian social reality. Below, we highlight some of our main partners:

Browse the map and discover other institutions supported by M. Dias Branco in the four corners of Brazil.

Investing in social development is part of our essence, in search of a more equal and fair future for all.


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Instituto da Primeira Infância (IPREDE)

Dedicated to promoting early childhood development, also strengthening women and the social inclusion of families living in extremely vulnerable situations.

Area of activity: Ceará

Escola de Desenvolvimento e Integração Social para Criança e Adolescente (EDISCA)

Its mission is to promote the human development of children and adolescents who are in a situation of social vulnerability, residing in communities at risk. Through dance, the institution develops an educational and training process for the students, with the conception and presentation of dance performances.

Area of activity: Ceará

Cruz Vermelha Brasileira

A non-governmental international humanitarian institution that works to defend people in vulnerable situations caused by armed conflicts. Its purpose is to provide assistance to ensure the protection of these people and to relieve their suffering.

Area of activity: Ceará

A Central Única das Favelas (CUFA)

It was created from the union of young black people from Cidade de Deus slum in Rio de Janeiro in 1999, with the mission of achieving the social inclusion of slum dwellers, primarily black, through culture, sport, education and professional training, promoting entrepreneurship and social economic development. CUFA has become a reference and has bases in different Brazilian regions and in 19 countries.

Area of activity: Bahia, Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo e Paraíba

Transforma Brasil

Its mission is to transform Brazil through citizens. A solidarity movement that connects people who need help with people who want to help. To this end, it has developed the National Volunteering Platform, which combines generosity and necessity to build a new culture in the country: that of civic engagement by all.

Area of activity: Pernambuco, Bahia e Rio Grande do Norte

Obras Sociai Irmã Dulce (OSID)

With the mission of Loving and Serving others, especially the poorest, it offers free health care, education, social action and spiritual assistance, promoting human dignity, according to the values of Santa Dulce dos Pobres.

Area of activity: Bahia

O Mesa Brasil SESC

The Food Bank Network fights hunger and waste based on donations from partners, contributing to ensuring the food and nutritional security of children, young people, adults and the elderly in social vulnerability throughout Brazil.

Area of activity: All states where M. Dias Branco operates

Instituto Faixa Preta de Jesus

It uses social projects aimed at education and sports to recover hundreds of young people, adolescents and adults from the world of drugs and violence, offering them opportunities, medical care, teaching values such as character, discipline and faith, seeking to transform lives and make dreams come true.

Area of activity: Rio de Janeiro

Associação Remar do Brasil

It acts in humanitarian causes and is present in several Brazilian states, working to ensure the rights of citizens, delivering food and basic food baskets to needy communities, developing actions to combat hunger, violence and social inequality. It also counts on the "Acolhimento Institucional" (Institutional Welcoming) for with substance abuse problems.

Area of activity: Santa Catarina, Paraná, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Espírito Santo e Guarulhos

Instituto Macieira Cultural

It provides a range of educational and professional qualifications for the underprivileged population seeking social inclusion, with the aim of strengthening participatory democracy in a permanent movement of encouragement and opportunity for a better life.

Area of activity: Rio de Janeiro