For us, sustainability is the business itself.


We revised our Sustainability Agenda with goals up to 2030, favoring the management of environmental impacts, efficient use of natural resources, promotion of social development and the well-being of people and improvement of governance for sustainable development throughout our value chain.

Caring for the Planet

Manage environmental impacts and promote efficient use of natural resources.

Believing in People

Promote social development and people's well-being.

Strengthening Alliances

Improve governance for sustainable development across our value chain.

By 2030, we will

Use 90%

renewable energy


people impacted by the program for fostering entrepreneurship and professionalization


sustainable plastic packaging (recyclable, compostable or biodegradable)


women in leadership


waste sent to landfill in all operations


purchases from local suppliers

Integrated Annual Report

Since 2014, we have published our Integrated Annual Report, a document that provides market, economic and financial, operational and social and environmental information on our business, highlighting the environmental, social and governance fronts.

Browse the reports and learn more on the Company's main initiatives each year.

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