Visitation Program

Our unit in Eusébio, CE has, for over 20 years, received guided tours of approximately 14 thousand children and youth per year. The educational and cultural experience has, as its main mission, to strengthen the relationship with our consumers, providing the opportunity to learn about the operation of the industrial facilities and to create pride for consuming our products.

We receive daily visits from public and private schools, universities, academic centers, colleges and vocational schools. Currently, the school project includes three different programs:

– Kids’ Project: recreational and educational, aimed at students from public and private schools, with a program specially aimed at children with ages between 5 and 10.

– Teens’ Project: aimed at students with ages between 11 and 14, where we present our story and brands.

– University Project: for the academic public in Brazil and abroad. It has an institutional nature, allowing the knowledge about our story and brands.

We also receive the visit of employee children, with the purpose of bringing the family closer to the company, showing children the importance of the work done by their parents. The event is held once every two years with approximately 1,000 visitors.