Occupational Safety

Our employees’ safety is not negotiable. Therefore, we seek to control the risks of accidents at work and behavioral deviations, contributing to the quality of life and the well-being of our employees.

Our program of excellence in occupational health and safety, called Positivo, is based on legal assistance and the OHSAS 18.001 standard, as well as the good practices evidenced in the market.

The DSS – Health and Safety Dialogue (formal meetings on the subject), Safety Alerts (forms that allow all employees to demonstrates situations of behavioral deviation and/or unsafe conditions), safety training, internal awareness campaigns, among other initiatives, are part of our routine.

At M. Dias Branco, occupational safety is inserted in the SGI – Industrial Management System, which recommends that the area aims to ensure the preservation of employee physical integrity and health, prioritizing the reduction of work-related accidents and improvements to the work environment (ergonomics, noise control and climate comfort, etc.), as well as ensuring compliance with the applicable laws, standards and other requirements.

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