We, who are part of M. Dias Branco, offer food for the good of society and the people’s happiness. This is the purpose that inspires us and makes us one of the largest food industries in Brazil, the national leader in the pasta and cookie markets, among the largest in the world in these segments.
With over 65 years of history, we are present throughout Brazil with regional and national brands. With an extensive portfolio of products that are synonymous with flavor and quality, we have a relationship of trust and respect with consumers of various profiles.

We operate in the following segments:
– Cookies/crackers
– Pasta
– Flour and wheat bran
– Cake mix
– Margarine and vegetable creams
– Cakes
– Corn and wheat snacks
– Toast
– Chocolate-covered (cookies/crackers)
– Cereal bits
– Powdered soft drinks

From our headquarters, located in the state of Ceará, we have adopted a successful strategy of building and acquiring new plants. We have approximately 20 thousand employees distributed in 15 plants and several Marketing and Distribution units.

We have a modern industrial park with state-of-the-art equipment, following the strictest quality standards in food production and operating with a vertical integration model that allows the production of our most important raw materials.

Our logistics system has distribution centers that are strategically located and that allow us to serve a wide variety of customers, from large supermarket chains to small businesses in a wide geographic region.

We trade shares in the New B3 Market, Brazil’s official stock exchange.


We are members of the Brazilian Association of Cookie, Pasta and Industrialized Bread and Cake Industries (ABIMAPI).


Corporate Profile

We follow the principles of our organizational identity, which represent the guidelines of how we carry out our activities. Disseminating the corporate identity is a permanent commitment, as a way to ensure the engagement of all employees with the Company’s greater purpose.

Our organizational identity is thus represented.

  • Mission

    Offer quality, innovative, healthy, flavorful and competitively priced foods, providing people’s well-being and happiness.

  • Vision

    We collaborate for the development of society, with successful and sustainable partnerships, a global presence and diversified performance, being a point of reference for respect for people and the environment, ethics, creativity, willingness to serve, simplicity and love for what we do.

  • Values

    • Agility

      Deliver on time, with the speed that the market requires, quickly perceive needs in order to find solutions and apply them effectively.

    • Goodwill

      Solidarity, sense of community, willingness to help, collaborate, and adopt constructive attitudes.

    • Ethics

      Value ethical positions, based on truth and the common good.

    • Zeal

      Constant attention to our expenses and assets.

    • Respect

      For the essence of human beings, for our employees, customers and consumers. Respect for the environment by adopting sustainable attitudes.

    • Safety

      Always act in a preventive manner in order to avoid accidents, building a safe workplace, because life comes first.

    • Simplicity

      Humility, valuing simple solutions.

    • Excellence

      Work with love and excellence in everything we do.

    • Resilience

      Daring, courage, overcoming fear, and persistence.

    • Creativity

      Search for effective solutions in an increasingly complex and unpredictable business context.