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People management

Dias Branco is firm on its commitment to continuously and increasingly invest in the training and valuation of its employees. In addition, it adopts management tools that encourage its staff in all units to conduct a collective effort to achieve corporate results. Thus, people and management are dimensions of the business that follow in harmony and in a sustainable manner.


The M. Dias Branco Corporate University has the mission of developing people, promoting the dissemination and exchange of knowledge in order to contribute with the company’s strategy. The company carries out internal and external training actions and has partners that allow employees the opportunity to finish their studies and to develop in technical areas whose specialized knowledge is strategic for the business.


As a strategy to supply the Company with the talent necessary to support the expansion of the business, a new group from the Trainee Program was selected in this edition focused on the industrial area. Over 7,800 candidates all over Brazil were up for 20 job openings in five units.


Employees have the opportunity to grow in their careers, to be promoted by means of internal selection process or by means of merit, indicating a policy of talent retention, in which we give priority to filling openings with professionals that are already part of M. Dias Branco. The “Acolher” (Foster) Program was a major advance in the awareness of teams in order to facilitate the integration of professionals with disabilities, strengthening inclusion at the workplace.


The Performance Management Program aims at developing employee skills, improving their performance and therefore, the Company’s. Performance evaluations have the main benefits of aligning individual and strategic goals, subsidies for promotions, career moves and selection; identification of training and development needs; the improvement of work processes; the consolidation of the meritocracy culture; strengthening of leadership and improvement of the organizational environment.


In order to ensure the alignment of all areas to achieve the strategies of the business, the Company has adopted corporate and sectorial indicators and goals; it holds monthly result follow-up meetings and defines action plans for the constant improvement of performance, involving all hierarchical levels. Through the Result Sharing Program (PLR), all employees can be rewarded for the achievement of goals in their areas and the Company as a whole. In addition, the Company also provides several other benefits to its employees.

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