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With over half a century, M. Dias Branco is the national leader in the manufacturing and sale of crackers and noodles, and also operating in the segment of wheat milling, oil refining, fat, margarine and vegetable creams, cakes, snacks, toast and cake mix, and is present throughout Brazil. As to the global market, the company is 6th in the noodles category and 7th in the cracker category. These achievements are possible because M. Dias Branco has a modern industrial park with state-of-the-art equipment, following the strictest quality standards in the production of its food. In addition, it also constantly invests in the training of its employees, for it believes that they are the most important element for generating wealth and social changes.

The M. Dias Branco Units create approximately 16.000 direct jobs with 12 plants distributed in major Brazilian cities, in addition to various Sales and Distribution Units. Its brands are synonymous with tradition and quality, establishing a bond of trust and respect with consumers. The company owns brands that stand out against the competition, achieving the preference of thousands of consumers.


Offer qualitative, innovative, healthy, flavorful food and competitive prices, providing well-being and happiness in people.


– Respect
– Ethics
– Good Will
– Simplicity
– Excellence
– Resilience
– Diligence
– Creativity
– Agility

M. Dias Branco is a member of ABIMAPI – Brazilian Association of Cracker, Noodles and Bread & Cake Industry. For further information go to www.abimapi.com.br


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